Walmart People

I just realized I haven’t written a post in a year. What? How?

Like could I not find the time to write one simple blog post? What was I busy doing? Washing my hair? No. Going out to fancy dinners? No. Enjoying a vacation on a white sandy beach where I couldn’t be bothered? No.

So what on earth have I been doing for A YEAR? *eye roll*

Well, the other day I was in Target and the previous customer was having a conversation with the cashier about Walmart people. You know the people. Pajamas on, dignity off. They were talking about how people at Walmart are a mess while people at Target at least show up looking decent. They were laughing and describing these said Walmart people, and then it hit me. I looked down to see an oversized sweatshirt, leggings (as pants) and nikes, accompanied by unwashed hair and last night’s makeup (or maybe last week’s?). They were talking about me. I was a Walmart person trying to fit in at Target. I bowed my head, started laughing, and made my Walmart person exit.

So what have I been doing for a year? Probably learning how to be a Walmart person.

Sometimes I think I don’t even have standards anymore. I see Yoga mom out there looking all hot and I think, should I be Yoga mom? Yoga mom has standards. Her legs have standards too.

But nope, I’m just out here being the person the cashier at Target laughs about. I’m just washing dishes or doing laundry when I could be getting myself presentable. I’m just finding another place in my house where I can store laundry in attempts to not fold it and put it away. I’m just a mom trying to raise two little humans to be great people despite the fact that I feed them frozen pizza and macaroni and cheese. You can find me changing diapers or waiting at the grocery pickup location hoping I don’t have to get out of the vehicle. I spend my days asking my toddler if she went poo-poo or pee-pee. I’m just out here praying both my kids nap at the same time at some point so I can sit in silence for a second. I’m just a mom who loves her kids but also loves bedtime.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that raising little people is hard. Really hard. But that’s what I’ve been up to this past year. Learning how to be a mom of two humans, plus a wife to my husband. Seems simple enough, right? Maybe I’ll figure it out soon, maybe not.

But hey, maybe by next year I will have upgraded to a Target person. Possibilities are endless ya know.


2 thoughts on “Walmart People

  1. Good read and very funny! I like that in the end you are encouraging all of us to “be yourself”…good job Jenna!


  2. Jenna I Love you so very much and can hardly express how proud of you I am for the MOM that you are..I know your world right now and understand the feelings.. I thank you for sharing the perception of how people think. You are no less than anyone at WalMart..Target etc. You are the best Mom with such an uplifting heart that everyone shud take heed from you. People need to stop and think about what they are speaking and try to understand others world. Many things are important to some and many things are important to others. Judging one for being the person others may see on the outside is not always what is on the inside. Most of the time people have it all wrong because they aren’t happy with themselves as they have to judge. Just know who you are. You are such an uplifting enjoyable heart warming person that has such strong beliefs. I have the utmost respect for you and your family that it brings tears to my eyes I am so proud of the person you are. Love yourself and your family along with Jesus and you know you will always walk forward. The Love for you and your family I have in my heart makes me rise up and smile every day. Love to you all……Mom


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